Thanks and support

The Not My Worst Day writing would not have been possible without the invaluable commitment of wonderful people with great skills and intelligence. They are: Chris Sanderson, Gillian Brookes, James Kerr and Tim Lay. I am especially indebted to Chris Sanderson for her countless hours in shaping the drafts of this book. Her creative skills and advice helped me to write a well-told story and led me to focus on facts as they happened. Chris has also dedicated her time and support to sponsor charitable activity.

Many thanks to all friends and readers of the Not My Worst Day, you encouragement and support is inspirational.

Writing this book has been the first time I have re-connected with some of my most painful memories and experiences of tragic events. It has been emotionally draining and has sometimes caused horrific nightmares. Coming from the Great Lakes Region of Africa to Britain, I chose to close down my past so that I could move into the future. Culturally, it was extremely challenging to detach my community experience from my personal experience. The four hour visit from my friend Richard Wilson in 2008 was a defining moment in considering the ‘I’ experienced rather than ‘we’ experienced.

I am particularly thankful to my wife Esther, daughters Abigail and Keziah for their patience, constant encouragement and support, both practical and emotional, throughout preparation and during the time I worked on this book. I am thankful for the peaceful life I enjoy in Great Britain, which has provided a space to write and an opportunity to reflect upon the amazing safety that my daughters Abigail and Keziah will always enjoy, I am grateful that their lives will be completely different from my childhood, none of them will have to look up at their shoulders, fearing to see the Worst Day like I did. Their aspirations are unlimited and of greatest potential. This is my wish to all the children of the world.

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