What Alex is doing

Alex work for a local government in the UK, independently, he is a researcher, analyst and expert adviser (Africa affairs) at the Expert Advisory and Research Services (UK). He is an experienced speaker with an honest insight into issues of war and human security, cultural insensitivity and conflict resolution. He is officially registered and fully vetted member of the UK Expert Witness Institute (EWI). The EWI acts to promote expert services’ standards, supports experts from all professional disciplines and lawyers who use the services of experts. He has published several academic articles, including the the Not My Worst Day. He is currently a lecturer in International studies, and supporting several local and international charities – He has recently set up the Not My Worst Day Foundation which aims to support/sponsor education for children around the world (in their home countries or in refugee camps) who are going through similar extreme difficulties such as he has experienced:

  • From war torn region(s)
  • Experiencing violence and conflict
  • Experiencing extreme poverty
  • Resilient and with education and leadership potentials