Alex’s public speaking

Alex is an experienced public speaker, great motivator and communicator, he speaks five languages fluently, he engages exceptionally well with his audience (across different backgrounds); he offers inspirational talk about his background and area of his expertise. He speak with an honest insight into issues of war and human security, cultural insensitivity and conflict resolution. His talks aimed at schools, colleges, universities, national and international organisations.

Alex’s speaking engagements focuses on seven key areas:

•  Peace and conflict
•  1994 Rwanda genocide: during, aftermath and recovery
•  Journey into asylum and refugee – a personal experience
•  Aiming higher – active and stimulating sessions for students through Alex’s talk
•  Diversity matters
•  Working or volunteering in Africa
•  Young people and leadership

If Alex made it, you can make it!

Due to high demand for Public Speaking requests, combined with his work leading inclusion and community cohesion work, Alex accepts booking made at least 2 to 4 months in advance. Please contact Alex through email below:;